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Meet Butterfly

The world’s most
advanced air transportation

A world of possibilities closer to home

Butterfly is more than just another eVTOL aircraft. It’s a testament to our commitment to revolutionary technology and inclusive transportation. We’ve accomplished the unimaginable in noise reduction with Butterfly leading the industry at fewer than 55 decibels. The spacious cabin accommodates a pilot, five passengers and luggage. Adaptable cabin design allows for a variety of applications such as charter, medical transport, and cargo.

Safe, quiet, fast, affordable on-demand transportation

Butterfly tiltrotor eVTOL will set a new standard for safe and near-silent aerial transportation

Pilot + 5 Passengers + Bags

100 Miles Long Range

200 MPH Max Speed

Zero Emissions Fully Electric

55dBA Low Acoustic Emissions

Safety Critical No Single-Point Failures

The largest, most flexible cabin

Our versatile aerial mobility platform is capable of a wide range of use cases and applications

Commuter Efficient cabin designed for high–tempo operations

Leisure High comfort configuration for premium experience

Medical Transport Critical patient transport and organ transfer

Cargo Designed for middle-mile logistics with high cargo volumetric efficiency

Military Highly customizable for tactical or logistic missions

Our patented technology powers the future of  transportation

Developed over 15 years of rigorous innovation, our technology has revolutionized vertical flight, operating with far more efficiency and control authority than traditional models.

Overair’s proven VTOL technologies drive Butterfly’s unique performance capabilities

  • 20+ ft propellers are twice as large as any eVTOLs, with the potential for scaling into a larger aircraft
  • 200% excess power margins through low disk loading, electric engine sizing, and battery systems sizing
  • Best-in-class maneuverability and stability, especially in off-nominal conditions like wind or rain
  • Enhanced by FBW envelope-protection
  • Ability to hover with only 2 of 4 propellers and quad-redundant architecture on key systems

We’re changing the way you get from here to there

Butterfly isn’t just about getting from point A to B—it’s about unlocking a day full of possibilities. 

With a range of over 100 miles and capacity for up to five passengers and luggage, we have designed Butterfly to help you make the most of your life.

Time to Destination18 Minutes

Distance43 Miles

Cruise Speed180 mph

Zero EmissionsFully Electric Powertrain

Preparing for operations on a new level

Overair is creating a digital ecosystem to foster aerial ridesharing, ensuring riders are seamlessly transported from door-to-door.

Bristow + Overair

Our strategic partnership with Bristow will explore commercial taxi flights in new and emerging markets for Bristow operations using Butterfly in various high-density geographic locations

Let’s Fly

Join us on our mission

We’re on a mission to transform the way people live. This starts by redefining air travel and bringing a world of possibilities closer to home.