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Quietest, largest, most capable eVTOL

Unparalleled performance, capability, and safety

Performance advantage

Butterfly’s high-thrust, low-power design drives unmatched performance and capacity features.

Optimum Speed Tilt Rotors (OSTR)
Our large blades spin slowly and vary RPMs to match the required thrust in each mode of flight (hover, transition, cruise) to realize unmatched reduction in power demands and higher power margins.

Individual Blade Control (IBC)
Precise control of each blade overcomes the physical limits on rotor sizing, providing greater time between overhauls (i.e., reduced maintenance) and best-in-class ride quality.

Butterfly’s key performance differentiators will drive broader market adoption

Noise Quietest vertical lift aircraft

Quick Turn Designed for high-tempo operations

Capability Unmatched density altitude (hot and high)

Weather Broadest capability of any eVTOL

Safety OSTR establishes new safety standard

Using a safety-first approach to design
and development

Optimizing safety by implementing redundancy throughout. Precise blade control allows for greater stability and control. Decreased system degradation for greater time between overhauls and maintenance requirements.

Let’s Fly

Join us on our mission

We’re on a mission to transform the way people live. This starts by redefining air travel and bringing a world of possibilities closer to home.